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Talking to a 5th year: The Definitive Guide

It has come to the attention of the Magnificent Leaders that inter-denizen relations have suffered as of late. As such, in our eternal beneficence, we commissioned a study from the …

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Clinical school used to spell the end of cheap ski trips for medics but no more..

Where? Risoul - French Alps
When? 27th of December to the 4th of …

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Magnificent Leaders reward 5th years with “Summer Holiday” of unprecedented length

Rejoice this happy day! In a move of unprecedented beneficence, the Magnificent Leaders have announced a “summer holiday” of unparalleled length for all fifth year denizens. There is to be …

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Freshers’ 2013 – Useful Links

Hey Guys!
Welcome to Oxford Clinical School! We’re Ed and Reza, the Magnificent Leaders (IT Reps) of Osler House, the Clinical School Club.
We thought it’d be handy to have all …